Club Dress Code

All golfers are asked to follow the dress code as set out by Wishaw Golf Club.  The club wishes to preserve a smart but casual approach based on clothing that is principally designed for golf.  As, however, dress sense is a highly subjective topic, the club would appreciate your support in maintaining the following standards of dress.


Tailored trousers that are smart, including chinos.  Jeans, tracksuits and military style combat trousers are not permitted.  ¾ length trousers are only permitted for lady golfers.


Tailored shorts may be worn at any time.  Tracksuit shorts and untidy military style combat shorts are unacceptable.  All shorts must be no longer than knee length.


All players must wear golf shoes on the golf course and practice areas. This is for grip and safety issues.


All shirts must have a collar. Turtle necks and roll necks are permitted.  Football and Rugby shirts are not acceptable.

Please wear smart shirts that are suitable for golf.  Shirts should be tucked into your trousers or shorts at all times on the golf course.

Ladies are allowed to wear fitted golf shirts un-tucked.


The implementation of this dress code is primarily the responsibility of the Management and Staff of the Golf Club.  It is expected that the implementation of this code will be effected with courtesy and common sense.

Please help the club by wearing recognised golf clothing, and ensure any guests you invite do the same.  The club is aware that any dress code can be subjective, so if you do have any doubts over an item of clothing, don’t wear it.


Thank you.