Letter from the Club Welfare Officer

May 2022: Club Welfare Officer Letter: Reference 2022/May/1

To All Wishaw Golf Members

With the new Golf Season now into full swing and the course getting better and better every week, many of us are enjoying returning to playing regularly, winning the £1’s from our small groups and discussing everything from the greens to handicaps, from the latest golf gear to our good or not so good golf shots. Whatever the chatter, the level of playing handicap or subsequent good or bad round, we share a common enjoyment of the beautiful game. So let’s keep it that way.

I have been a member at Wishaw Golf Club for 10 seasons now and for those who do not know, I am also the Sports Department Director at Sutton Coldfield College where we have a Golf Academy. The Golf Team is managed by Wishaw Member, Martin Jones and coached by our club Golf Professional, Alan Partridge. It is based out of our club and we play our fixtures out of WGC on a Wednesday, so some of you may have seen our young players around the club during the week. I have also, alongside our Junior Captain Sam Knowles and several other volunteers, re-started the Junior Section but this has work to do to really embed itself at the club.

I say all this, as our Wishaw Golf Community is really diverse and we have new members joining all the time. We may have our regular 4-balls but we should not forget that we are all part of the bigger club picture. Take time to say ‘hello’ to others; take time to chat and get to know people either through idle 19th Hole Bar Chat or through entering the various competitions that the Club runs through the season. The shared passion of golf could actually be the one thing that turns that bad day into a good day (even if we have that bad round or two).

Just a final few things from me:

1. If you or any of your golfing colleagues are in need of any support, the golf club has committed itself to being able to provide support and guidance or direction to other supportive agencies.
2. Remember to practice Safe Golf: simple things like: shouting ‘fore’; not throwing golf clubs; using bins around the golf course will all go a long way to keeping the course safe for all players.
3. COVID rules have obviously been relaxed but it is still amongst the communities. Several of my golfing squad have had COVID recently so remember some of the basics. I hope future letters will not have to mention COVID but until then please keep up good practice on and off the golf course.

Good Luck to our new Club Captain, Paul Williams and his Vice-Captain Darren Whitehouse. Also, Good Luck to Sue Franklin (Women’s Captain); Kevin Daly (Seniors Captain) and Sam Knowles (Junior Captain). The membership is well represented again for the 2022-23 season.

Finally, if you feel that I can help in any way (and I have already had some good suggestions) then please again contact the club or use my contact details which can be found on the Junior Notice Board. Wishaw Golf Club is committed to Safe Golf as well as ensuring a Supportive and Inclusive environment for all members, staff and visitors. I look forward to seeing the regulars on the golf course as well as new faces. By the way, I am trying desperately to not let my poor golf interfere with such a lovely walk every week so I am off to the practice area with the latest edition of Golf Monthly.

Best Wishes and Safe Golf

Jason Allen
Club Welfare Officer