Club Rules

DEFINITIONS “CLUB” means Wishaw Golf Club “COMPANY” means Wishaw Golf Club Limited “PROPRIETORS” means the Directors and Shareholders of Wishaw Golf Club Limited “MEMBERS” means those persons accepted into membership of the Club from time to time in accordance with these rules “COMMITTEE MEMBERS” means those persons elected to committees in accordance with rules 11 and 15 1. NAME OF CLUB. The Club shall be called “The Wishaw Golf Club” it is a proprietary owned club, the proprietors being the Directors and shareholders of the Wishaw Golf Club Limited. 2. OBJECTIVES. The objectives are to provide facilities to play the game of golf and to provide social activities. 3. RULES OF GOVERNING BODIES. The Company and the club recognise the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as the ruling body of Amateur Golf and will abide by the rules of Golf and Amateur Status as laid down from time to time by the R & A. The Company and the Club will comply with the Regulations and Rules of the SSS & Handicapping Schemes (and any conditions imposed within the schemes) as imposed from time to time by the England Golf and CONGU. The Company and the Club will comply with the Constitution and Rules of England Golf and the respective County Unions as laid down from time to time. The Company shall pay all subscriptions due to the County Unions and England Golf in respect of all playing members of whatever category. These Governing Body Rules shall not be revoked without the prior written consent of the England Golf. 4. MEMBERSHIP. Application to join the Club will be by registration form available from the Club representative, each application being subject to the approval of the Company. Details of new members and those who have resigned will be made available to the Club Member’s Committee. 5. ENTRANCE FEE. A new member shall pay an initial (non-refundable) entrance fee set from time to time by the Company. 6. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS & GREEN FEES. All subscriptions and green fees will be set annually by the Company before 1 March each year and will be displayed on the notice board in the clubhouse. Annual subscriptions shall be due and paid before 31 March each year. New members joining during the course of the year will pay a pro-rata amount of the relevant subscription for that year. Any member whose subscription is unpaid one month after the date due, demanded or not, shall cease to be able to exercise the privileges of membership, and may have their name removed from the membership records of the club. 7. DISCIPLINARY RULES & EXPULSION OF A MEMBER. Members are expected to observe the Rules of the Club and the etiquette of the Rules of Golf. And alleged breaches of the Rules or improper behaviour anywhere on the Club premises should be reported to either the Ladies’ or Men’s club Captain or their deputies in the first instance. If the matter cannot be settled by discussion with the Club Captain or the matter is deemed to be too serious dealt with by the Club Captain alone, then a formal written complaint should be made within the 7 days and addressed to the Club Captain. The person(s) against whom the complaint is made will be contacted and at this point must provide a written response to all allegations. The matter will be investigated by the Club Captain in conjunction with two Directors of Wishaw Golf Club Limited. It may be publicised within the Club for additional comments and may be discussed at the Club Member’s Committee meetings. In the first instance, the Directors will decide on the appropriate action having considered the facts from all parties concerned and with reference to the Rules of Golf. Possible action may include a written warning on future behaviour, suspension of membership or a recommendation to the Member’s Committee from the Directors for expulsion from the Club. The decision of the Directors of Wishaw Golf Club Limited will be final. 8. MEMBER’S GUESTS. Each member will be allowed to bring up to 8 guests per year at the reduced member’s guests’ rate in any combination of days/numbers of guests. The member shall accompany his guests and will be held responsible for ensuring that the appropriate green fees are paid. Whilst in the curtilage of the Club, the introducing member shall be responsible for ensuring that the guests observe the Rules of Golf, Golfing Etiquette, and all local Club Rules, abide by the Club rules and sign the visitors book. A junior member may only introduce junior guests. Any breaches of these Rules, improper behaviour or conduct should be reported to a Company Representative at the appropriate time. 9. PAY & PLAY VISITORS Will be issued with a receipt which will allow those persons to use the facilities of the course and the club premises and purchase food and drink only on the date on the receipt. A visitor’s book will be lodged in the clubhouse and should be signed by visitors. All visitors are expected to observe the Rules of Golf, Golfing Etiquette, and all local Club Rules. Any breaches of these rules, improper behaviour or conduct should be reported to a Company Representative at the appropriate time. 10. FINANCIAL YEAR. The Financial Year of the club shall extend from 1 September until 31 August for the purpose of the Competition Account and the Social Account. 11. COMMITTEE STRUCTURE OF THE CLUB. 11.1 MEMBERS’ COMMITTEE. A Members’ Committee shall be responsible to the Company to assist in an advisory capacity in the running of the club activities, organising competitions and setting and revising handicaps. The Members’ Committee shall consist of the following members: Chairman Treasurer Secretary Competition & Handicap Secretary Club Captain Vice-Captain Ladies representative The Company shall also have representation on the committee. Members of the Committee (with the exception of The Club Captain, Vice-Captain, Competition and Handicap Secretary and the Ladies’ Representatives) shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and serve for a period of two years. At each annual meeting, half of the two yearly elected members shall retire. Retiring members may seek re-election should they so wish. The Member’s Committee shall normally meet once a month. A quorum shall be 4 committee members with at least one Director in attendance should recommendations affecting the company be concerned. The Committee may co-opt any person to serve on the Committee. Co-opted members, apart from those filling vacant or vacated positions listed in para 1 above shall not be empowered to vote at committee meetings. 11.2 COMPETITION & HANDICAP SUB COMMITTEE. The Competition and Handicap Secretary shall chair this sub committee. It shall comprise the Competition and Handicap Secretary and four members. The Competition and Handicap Secretary shall be elected in accordance with rule 11.1. The four members of this sub committee shall be selected and serve for as long as deemed appropriate by the Competition and Handicap Secretary and endorsed by the Members Committee. The Competition and Handicap Secretary shall devolve specific responsibilities to the members as the Competition and Handicap Secretary decides appropriate. 11.3 SOCIAL SUB COMMITTEE. The Committee shall comprise a minimum of four members to include a Chairman. The members shall be elected at the AGM and serve for a period of two years. At each Annual meeting half of the Sub Committee shall retire but be eligible for re-election if they so wish. The Sub Committee may also include an employee representative of the Company. The function of this Sub Committee will be to arrange and hold social events for the members of the club. The Chairman shall furnish a report on activities to the Secretary prior to each monthly meeting of the Member’s Committee. 12. CLUB CAPTAIN & VICE CAPTAIN. The Club shall appoint a Club Captain and elect a Vice Captain at the AGM. Each shall serve for a period of one year. The Vice Captain will, in normal circumstances, be nominated for the position of Club Captain after serving as Vice Captain and confirmation of this will be sought at the AGM. The Vice Captain, during his period of office, shall serve on the Competition Sub Committee undertaking such responsibilities as may be devolved by the Competition Secretary endorsed by the Member’s Committee. The Captain and Vice Captain will serve on the Member’s Committee. 13. JUNIOR CAPTAIN. The Club shall appoint a Junior Captain at the AGM in September. The Junior Vice Captain will be elected at a meeting of the Juniors Section 14. LADIES CAPTAIN. The Lady Captain will be elected in accordance with the ladies Section constitution and the appointment recorded at the AGM. 15. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in March. The Secretary shall give a minimum of 60 days notice of the date of this meeting to the membership. The Secretary shall also advertise on the Club notice board the positions which are vacant or fall due to be filled at the AGM, 28 days before the date of the meeting, inviting nominations which must be in the hands of the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the AGM. Nominations must be made in writing and must bear the signature of the proposer and seconder. Nominees for all positions must be members of the Club and, with the exception of the Junior Captain be 21 years or over. In the event of more than one nomination for a position, a card vote (secret ballot) will be held. Any proposals or propositions to be included in the AGM must be sent to the Secretary, in writing, at least 28 days before the date of the AGM. All proposals will be acknowledged by the Secretary. The Secretary shall publish any such proposals on the notice board at least 14 days before the date of the AGM. Should a vote be required on any such proposal, an open ballot will be conducted unless any member requests a secret ballot, card vote. A majority vote will apply with the Chairman having a casting vote. Business to be conducted at the AGM will include the Secretary’s Annual report on behalf of the Member’s Committee, the adoption of the Competition Accounts and the Social Accounts, the confirmation of the Club Captain and the election of committee members and other officers as required under these rules. Additionally, an auditor shall be elected at each AGM with responsibility for auditing the Competition and Social Accounts. 16. LOCAL RULES. Members and visitors are required to make themselves familiar with the Rules of Golf and any Local Rules which will be exhibited on the Club notice-board and/or the scorecard. (E.g. the use of any kind of GPS is allowed in Club Competitions) 17. GENERAL RULES. Members and visitors are requested at all times, both on the course and in the clubhouse, to dress in accordance with acceptable standards. Smart, casual clothes should be worn at all times. The Club has a “Dress Code” details of which will be posted on the notice board. This code must be observed at all times. Playing members are required to display their disc on their bag at all times. Visitors are required to display their “day pass” on their golf bags. Members and visitors must recognise the out of bounds areas and not cause damage to fences hedges or crops in attempting to retrieve a ball. They must not go onto any land to retrieve a ball that is not part of the golf course. A ball out of bounds must be deemed lost and disregard of this rule will be considered a serious breach of the club rules. 18. COURTESY OF THE COURSE. The course will be open at 8.00am. Under no circumstances will play be allowed before this time without the Directors’ or their representative’s permission. No player should play until the players in front are out of range. In the interests of all players, play should proceed without delay. Players searching for a ball should signal the players from behind to pass as soon as it becomes apparent the ball will be difficult to find and not wait a full 5 minutes before doing so. As soon as players have putted out, they should leave the green immediately and not linger to mark cards etc. 19. PRIORITY ON THE COURSE. In the absence of special rules, two ball matches should have precedence and be entitled to pass any three or four ball matches. A single player should give way to a match of any kind. If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, they must allow the match following to pass. If the etiquette of golf or the club rules are being overlooked, any member is entitled to draw this to the attention of the offender in a gentlemanly manner. If this is ignored the incident should be reported to the Captain or Vice-Captain as soon as possible after completion of the game. Players starting at a tee other than the first tee should give precedence to those already in play so as to ensure that play is not slowed down. Play must only commence on the 10th tee after it has been sanctioned by the starter in the shop. Players proceeding from the 10th to the 1st tee must give way to those on the 1st tee and those waiting to tee off on there. 20. SOCIETY DAYS. Society days will be at the discretion of the club manager who being aware of the club competitions calendar and demands of various members sections will display the society days and times on the notice board in advance. On weekends societies will generally not play before 1200 hours. 21. MOBILE TELEPHONES. Mobile telephones can cause distractions to other users of the course and even hold up play. If it is necessary to carry a mobile telephone onto the course then its use should be limited to essential calls and the incoming ring tone should be set to minimum volume. However, if a member feels inconvenienced by the use of a mobile telephone and feels improper use has been made, then it should be reported to the shop. Any complaints will be taken up with the user and in extreme cases may be reported to the Club Captain for further action. Members should not hold conversations on their mobile phones in the bar or conservatory areas. 22. DISSOLUTION. Should Wishaw Golf Club be dissolved for any reason at any time members’ funds resting in the Competition Account and the Social account shall be equally divided between the membership existing at the date of dissolution providing that they have been members for a minimum of 12 months at the date of dissolution. 23. ALTERATIONS OF CLUB RULES. With the exception of amendments to rule 3, these Rules shall only be altered at an AGM or an extraordinary meeting called for the express purpose of a Rule alteration and shall require a two-thirds majority to endorse any alterations. 24. GENERAL. Members should at all times check the notice boards in the Club for up to date news of Club activities and changes to local and golf rules. 25. INTERPRETATION. The Member’s Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Club rules and for the rules and regulations made by them and the Sub-Committees.