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Competition Fixture List to be updated once competition golf has resumed.


Supplementary Scores:

CONGU expects every player will return enough competition scores to provide evidence of their ability. But this isn’t always the case.

Although there are enough chances to compete, many players are unable to maintain a handicap that reflects how well they play. This might be due to:

  • Work or family commitments preventing participation
  • Difficulty getting an acceptable starting time at clubs with a large playing membership
  • No longer wanting to regularly play competitive golf

Supplementary scores provide players with an alternative way to make up for the lack of information from competitions.

These scores provide evidence of playing ability for many players and make golf under handicap conditions more meaningful.

It’s simple to submit a supplementary score:

Before you go out to play indicate your intention to return a score – Register in the golf shop before play with your £2.00 fee.

Make sure your card is marked by an appropriate person who is acceptable to the committee i.e. a member of the club with a handicap.

After the round return the score – whatever it is – for it to be added to your handicap record. Remember, you can only submit a supplementary score at a club where you are a member.