Summer League

Summer League 2022
This is a Pairs Competition open to all through the summer, covering 8 events on a league
It is a Club Major, so a chance to get your name on the club honours board, as well as prizes
for each event and the overall league competition.
Each team’s best 5 results will count towards their league points.
Event Weekdays
Tue – Thu
Competition Format
1 May 31 – Jun 2 Greensomes
2 Jun 7 – Jun 9 Betterball
3 Jun 14 – Jun 16 Testing 1 – 2
4 Jun 21 – Jun 23 Scramble
5 Jun 28 – Jul 30 Foursomes
6 Jul 5 – Jul 7 Betterball
7 Jul 12 – Jul 14 Mystery
8 Jul 19 – Jul 21 Greensomes
In advance of each event, players will be notified by email of the competition format and
description, the handicap allowances and the tees in use. A hard-copy of these details will
also be available when they register to play.
The league table will be updated on the club notice board and website.
A presentation will be arranged after all matches have been completed.
? To be eligible players must have entered 6 x Wishaw Qualifying Competition Cards over
the past 12 months, at the commencement of each event.
? Players are responsible for arranging their fourballs and when they play.
? Games can be played any time on event days but players must register in the golf shop
before playing and hand their fully completed cards back into the golf shop directly
? If a pairing is unable to play an event, the other pairing in the fourball can still play if they
have a suitable marker (Wishaw member with current handicap and prior approval from
the comps sec/committee).
? Players continue the competition with the same partners they started – i.e. no
substitutions allowed during the season.
£8 League Entry per pair. Payable before Event 1.
£6 Event per pair. Payable before each Event.